Our company "AGS Elektronika" operates on the market since 1992 - we started with installation, programming, warranty and after-warranty service of intrusion alarm systems and fire alarm systems.

In 1994 our company was certified in Russian Ship Register (RSR) and began selling, installing and providing after-warranty service of marine navigation and electro automatic devices. During these nine successful years our company has developed and extended variety of service available.
We offer qualitative designing, montage, programming and service of almost all engineer-communication for following systems:
  • fire alarm systems;
  • intrusion alarm systems;
  • digital and analogue Closed Circuit TV systems;
  • access control and door control systems;
  • time recording and lunch recording systems;
  • public addressing systems;
  • presenting systems of video and audio conferences;
  • telephone and computer networks;
  • outdoor communication networks;
  • building management systems;
  • wireless voice and data transmitting systems;
  • mutual integration of all abovementioned systems;
  • as well as merging and integrating several objects in one common network
    by means of wireless (e.g. radio link) systems or other communication systems.
    Collaboration partners:
    Talavas Tauretajs
    We are Certificated representatives of "ORTRONICS" local area computer network montage and warranty providing.
Marine systems:
  • navigation devices (radars, gyrocompass, speed logs, echo sounders, GPS etc)
  • GMDSS radiocommunications systems (VHF/HF/MF)
  • Inmarsat communication devices, registration Inmarsat-C,B,M
  • automatic management, control and protection systems of ship's electric power stations
  • protection systems of main engines, subsidiary engines
  • automatic remote systems of main engines
  • pneumologic elements, systems
  • registers of manoeuvres
  • control systems of navigation lanterns
  • measuring instruments
  • systems of cargo recording and control
  • portable cargo recording instruments
  • washing devices of cargo holds
  • analysing and alarm systems of gas
  • portable gas analysers
  • mobile TV SAT systems
  • measurement and control systems of fuel's viscosity
  • telephone centrals, batteryless communications, public addressing, crew's communication devices
  • fire alarm systems
  • low location lighting systems
Employees of our company are highly qualified specialists with professional education and/or higher education. Qualification of our employees is enhanced by regular attendance different courses, seminars, exhibitions and conferences. We have established cooperation with scientific research organisations. All abovementioned provides us with potential of professional design of systems in accordance with your special requirements and desires, system montage, installation and service.